Teamtailor integration

Get the full benefit and power of automated shortlists in Teamtailor ATS

Already a Teamtailor user?

If so, you don't need any code to integrate Tengai. With just one click you will be able to: 

    • Streamline and automate the initial part of the process
    • Eliminate manual tasks and enhance efficiency
    • Leverage automation for predictive analytics and candidate screening
    • Personalize engagement and deliver exeptional candidate experiences
    • Make data-driven decisions
    • Elevate your hiring process and build stronger teams effortlessly

Enjoy screening at scale

Tengai's automated screening is available in multiple languages

Automated Shortlist

Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks and enhance efficiency with our fully automated screening solution.


A WOW experience 

A gamified and engaging candidate experience that your candidates will enjoy. Your candidates deserve it!


Validated and Proven

Proven to accurately measure personality and soft skills. Our solution is validated by scientists for better hiring decisions.