Teamtailor integration

How it works!


1. Activation

Via the Teamtailor marketplace you'll find the Tengai product page and from there you can activate your Tengai account.


2. Setting  up trigger

Set up the Tengai trigger and activate the part of the funnel you want to automate.


3. Evaluate Shortlist

Tengai's automatic shortlist makes it easy and clear to evaluate candidates for the next step of the process, saving you a lot of time and effort.

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Learn more about how the Teamtailor integration works and how to set up your account with Tengai. Get a demo of our entire system and start automating your recruitment process. You can get started in just minutes.
Automate your process
Automate the initial part of the process and save up to 95% of your time.
Create a better candidate experience
Maintain the human approach by letting your candidates be guided through the process by our interactive avatar, which also provides real-time feedback.
Make data-driven decisions
Validated by scientists to predict the right outcomes and contribute to a more unbiased recruitment process.
Recruit as if your team is 7 times larger
Skip scheduling, phone interviews, screening questions, and invitations, and spend your time where it's needed instead.

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Enjoy screening at scale

Tengai's automated screening is available in multiple languages 

Automated Shortlist

Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks and enhance efficiency with our fully automated screening solution.


A WOW experience 

A gamified and engaging candidate experience that your candidates will enjou. Your candidates deserve it!


Validated and Proven

Proven to accurately measure personality and soft skills. Our solution is validated by scientists for better hiring decisions.