Automate the screening phase

Identify candidates to invite for the first interview, faster and more accurately with Tengai's AI interview. 


Get accurate, structured interview analytics directly into your ATS


Eliminate scheduling and send one invite to all your candidates


Make every candidate feel special with conversational AI

Use an AI solution to build your talent pipeline

To efficiently build a talent pipeline and grow your pool of candidates, you need to continuously interview and source applicants. With Tengai, you don’t have to limit how many applicants you want to include for the initial interview. The AI-powered recruiting software can assess a large group of applicants and objectively score soft skills and personality traits. The interview analytics are developed to assist recruiters in making better hiring decisions while delivering a more equal candidate experience.

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Have talent on demand with a recruitment software

Creating a talent pipeline can be an effort-intensive and time-consuming process. But when you automate the screening phase, you can efficiently build a ‘pool’ that consists of qualified candidates who are prepared to step up and fill relevant key roles. By having warm candidates, who already have been quality ensured, will reduce time-to-hire since it gives employers a way to tap into relevant talent on demand.

With Tengai, you don’t have to coordinate busy schedules or manually screen every applicant. Our AI recruitment solution is easy to use and recruiters can always add screening questions. 

"We developed Tengai's interview to be rewarding, efficient, and convenient for candidates."

Sinisa Strbac, CPO at Tengai.

How is the Tengai interview?

80 %

of candidates think Tengai reduces the risk of discrimination

90 %

of candidates think Tengai enhances the hiring process

90 %

of candidates would like to be interviewed by Tengai again

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