Simplify complex screening with an AI-powered recruitment tool

In warehouse and logistics hiring, applicants can vary greatly in terms of availability, experience, and salary expectations. Manually screening these nuances can be time-consuming and error-prone. Tengai's cutting-edge AI technology is designed to tackle complex screening criteria. It can swiftly assess factors like availability, soft skills, and salary expectations, ensuring that only candidates who match your specific requirements move forward in the process.

The future of hiring is here, and it's characterized by efficiency, quality, and precision tailored to your unique needs


Increased efficiency

Tengai streamlines the recruitment process and frees up time by asking pre-defined questions, recording answers, and rating candidates' responses in real-time.

Enhanced candidate experience

Despite being a virtual interview, Tengai's avatar reduces the candidate's stress with an unbiased, personalized and human-like interview experience.

Reduced bias

Tengai carries out structured interviews, ensuring all candidates are asked the same questions in the same manner, reducing the potential for bias in the selection process.

Improved quality of hires

Tengai's interview process helps make more accurate  hiring decisions to ensure you select the most qualified and suitable candidates for the job.


Tengai can conduct hundreds of interviews simultaneously, making it an ideal tool for companies looking to scale their operations.

Cost savings

With faster time to hire and higher quality results, you can significantly reduce the overall cost of their recruitment process.

Concentrate your efforts on high-quality candidates

The demand for jobs in the warehouse and logistics industries means you often receive a flood of applications. Sorting through this sheer volume can be overwhelming and hinder your ability to focus on quality candidates. Tengai's automation ensures that you can effectively manage large numbers of applications without feeling overwhelmed, even in peak recruitment seasons.

Tengai's automation doesn't just streamline; it elevates. By automating the screening phase, you're free to focus on engaging with the highest-quality candidates, ensuring that your team is composed of top-tier talent.

"With Tengai we managed to scale easily with automation while maintaining our high demand for candidate experience and diversity!"

Johanna Nordin, HR Business Partner at Pophouse Entertainment.

Conquer high application volumes and elevate your hiring process

As a recruiter, you’re under constant pressure to fill vacancies quickly while at the same time, balancing the time and resources needed to manage the recruitment process. This means juggling multiple job openings, responding to candidate inquiries, scheduling interviews, and managing various administrative tasks. Tengai offers a solution to help you strike the right balance, automating tasks that play a crucial role in securing top candidates within your allocated time and budget. Streamlining the application process not only benefits recruiters but also stands as a key strategy for enhancing the overall candidate experience.

Eliminate recruitment roadblocks and achieve better results with Tengai


Structured analytics

Tengai delivers in-depth interview data so you quickly can assess large numbers of candidates, identifying those most suitable for the job. 


Tengai lets you customize your interview parameters and add screening questions, resulting in better, more relevant responses, which makes it easier to compare candidates.

Access anywhere

You and your candidates can use Tengai's AI interview software from anywhere and at any time, resulting in a faster hiring process.

Audio recordings

Listen to candidates' interviews any time and learn how they’ve handled specific situations. Review, evaluate, and score the quality of those answers.

Smart integrations

Integrate Tengai into your tech stack, to streamline things like providing candidates with feedback, communicating with stakeholders, and analyzing data.


Tengai protects and processes interview data through a secure graph database. We fully comply with GDPR, hiring laws and follow ethical AI practices.

Why Tengai?

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increase in hiring efficiency

80 %

faster time-to-fill

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decrease in recruitment costs

Never choose between speed and quality again

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