Enhance the candidate experience

A top frustration during the recruitment process for candidates is having to fill in long application forms and then being ghosted by the recruiter. So we developed Tengai to streamline the screening process and send personalized feedback to every applicant. The AI interview can be done from anywhere, at any time, and is proven to enhance the candidate experience.

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Unbiased recruitment

Assess competency in an unbiased way

Even though Tengai delivers a human-like experience, we have made sure that the interview framework is completely free from unconscious bias. So candidates can feel comfortable being honest and focus on their potential and competencies. By using an unbiased AI interview, the right candidates with the right competencies will surface. 

Create an efficient recruitment process 

In an increasingly competitive recruitment landscape, you need a dedicated strategy to help you identify the talent that’s right for the role, suited to your culture, and likely to stick around. Get this right and you can achieve anything. Get it wrong and you’ll face workforce disharmony and rising costs. 

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Find hidden talent with diversity hiring

Today, we know that diverse companies perform better and are more profitable. But there are still many common misconceptions about how to become truly diverse. We believe that in order to create a company culture where people feel included, you need to start from the beginning.

Why choose Tengai?

There's so many reasons to implement Tengai's AI interview, but here are some more of them...


Get accurate, structured interview analytics directly into your ATS


Eliminate scheduling and send one invite to all your candidates


Make every candidate feel special with conversational AI


Assess all candidates in a fair and equal way


Recruiters can follow the process in real-time 


Suits both powerhouses and startups

"With Tengai we managed to scale easily with automation, while maintaining our high demand for candidate experience and diversity!"

Johanna Nordin, HR Business Partner at Pophouse Entertainment 

Increase quality with Tengai

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