Our candidate platform

Are you wondering what your interaction with Tengai will be like? As a candidate, you will have access to our candidate platform, the Tengai Talent Hub™ which is developed to empower job seekers and balance the relationship between candidates and recruiters. 

What to expect from Tengai's digital interview 

Tengai's conversation is fully interactive and available in both English and Swedish. Being interactive means that Tengai can give personalized answers during the interview, such as asking you to elaborate or give more concrete examples. Not only is Tengai bilingual, but the conversational AI is developed to understand different dialects and accents. 



There is no special knowledge necessary to participate in a conversation with Tengai. All you need is a solid internet connection. Tengai is available all day, every day, and can be accessed from whatever device, without any downloads or waiting.


The interview takes about 18-20 minutes and consists of questions that are centered around personality and behavior in addition to some role-specific questions.


Once the interview is done you can access your personalized feedback, which reflects how Tengai's interpretation was made. The feedback is always available on the platform before the results are sent to the recruiter who manages the process. 

Gain control over your data

On the Tengai Talent Hub™, you can reuse your conversation with Tengai for several different positions, listen to your interview answers, and see your personalized feedback.


3 tips before meeting Tengai

See your meeting with Tengai as an opportunity to add more information to the application and show more of your personality.

  1.  Prepare a couple of different examples where you exceeded at work or at school and find a quiet area to be successful.
  2.  Reflect on your behavior in the past. What did you do? What were the results? And what did you learn? 
  3.  Be open to having an AI interview as a part of this recruitment process and see it as a fair chance for you to share more about yourself. 
We developed Tengai's interview to be rewarding, efficient and convenient for candidates.

Sinisa Strbac, CPO at Tengai

Fair screening for every candidate 

Tengai conducts "blind" interviews, completely free from unconscious bias. So you can feel comfortable being honest and focus on your potential and competencies. Being completely unbiased means not caring about age, looks, gender, or race, or judging based on the tone of voice or dialect. Tengai’s framework is validated and combines several approaches which are proven to accurately assess future work performance. 

Digital interview Avatar conducts blind interview

Help Desk

Example of a statement question

Tengai will ask 10 questions about your personality and 10 statements about your behavior. Watch the video for an example of a statement question.

If you are experiencing problems during the interview
If you are experiencing technical obstacles during your interview you can go to this article to learn how to solve the most common issues. 
How to reschedule an interview

If you for some reason want to reschedule your interview to another time but are unsure how to do it. Go to this article to learn how!

How to get started with an interview

Before starting the 20-minute-long interview, you should find a quiet place with a good internet connection. If you are having problems starting your booked interview and need help, go to this article. 

Tips for candidates

We understand that it can be scary to be interviewed by an AI avatar but the meeting with Tengai should be seen as an opportunity for candidates to share more information about themselves. So here are some tips for job seekers.

How Tengai can ensure objective recommendations

We developed Tengai to be objective with the help of a diverse team of recruiters and coders with over 20 years of experience in unbiased recruitment. This means that Tengai never takes appearance or background into account. By keeping bias out of the interview it becomes possible to identify the right candidates with the right competencies. Read more about our unbiased software. 

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