Become more efficient and optimize costs with an AI-powered recruitment tool

Hiring for multiple customer service positions can strain your budget. Tengai's screening technology minimizes your cost per hire, making high-volume recruitment efficient and budget-friendly. The AI-driven assessments ensure that you're shortlisting the most qualified candidates from a large applicant pool. So you can reduce your cost per hire while maintaining the quality of your hires, aligning your recruitment strategy with your budgetary constraints.

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Build a stellar customer service team efficiently and cost-effectively 

Increased efficiency

Tengai streamlines the recruitment process and frees up time by asking pre-defined questions, recording answers, and rating candidates' responses in real-time.

Enhanced candidate experience

Despite being a virtual interview, Tengai's avatar reduces the candidate's stress with an unbiased, personalized and human-like interview experience.

Reduced bias

Tengai carries out structured interviews, ensuring all candidates are asked the same questions in the same manner, reducing the potential for bias in the selection process.

Improved quality of hires

Tengai's interview process helps make more accurate hiring decisions to ensure you select the most qualified and suitable candidates for the job.


Tengai can conduct hundreds of interviews simultaneously, which makes it an ideal tool for recruiters who need to pinpoint candidates in a high volume process. 

Cost savings

With faster time to hire and higher quality results, youcan significantly reduce the overall cost of their recruitment process.

Get personality analytics and find top talent 

Customer service roles often receive a staggering number of applications, making it challenging to identify individuals with the right skills and temperament. With candidates applying for multiple roles simultaneously, efficiency is key. The need to swiftly and effectively assess each applicant is a pressing priority. Tengai leverages cutting-edge AI technology to swiftly process and analyze numerous applications. The AI-powered screening interview evaluates each candidate's skills, qualifications, and suitability for your roles, allowing you to make better decisions and secure top talent before your competitors.

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"With the use of Tengai, we can make sure every candidate gets a unique and personalized experience when applying for a job at SEB."

Sam Joukhadar, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at SEB.

Strengthen your employer brand with Tengai’s innovative recruitment tech

In high-volume recruitment, providing a positive candidate experience can be elusive. Applicants often feel lost in the crowd, leading to a low-quality interaction with your organization. Tengai provides a personalized and empathetic interaction with every applicant. By engaging candidates in a two-way conversation, it offers a unique experience, even in high-volume scenarios. This ensures that every applicant feels valued and heard. Provide every applicant with a personalized and engaging interaction to enhance your employer's brand and reputation.

Eliminate recruitment roadblocks and achieve better results with Tengai

Customizable AI interviews

Tengai allows you to add screening questions and select the most important parameters for a personalized and effective screening process.

Structured and standardized interviews

With an AI-powered avatar, Tengai asks each candidate the same set of questions in the same order, ensuring consistency and structure throughout the interview process.

Natural language understanding

With Tengai's NLU, candidates are assessed quickly, allowing you to focus on analyzing candidates' cultural fit instead of screening resumes.

Remote interviewing

Tengai allows you to interview candidates from anywhere in the world, reducing the need for travel expenses and increasing access to a wider pool of candidates.


Easily integrate Tengai’s recruitment software with the rest of your tech stack to streamline almost every aspect of the hiring process.

Candidate feedback

Share feedback immediately following an interview with candidates and show them that they are valued while promoting a positive employer brand.

Why Tengai?

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increase in hiring efficiency

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decrease in recruitment costs

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