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The public sector is using more technology to ensure quality and increase efficiency. Having analog processes makes it challenging to keep track of candidate data and follow GDPR standards. Developing a digital hiring method that collects all information in one place makes it possible to quickly identify the right candidates to have face-to-face interviews.

With Tengai, governments get an AI assistant who streamlines the screening phase by guiding candidates through a structured interview and collecting relevant data. As well as, delivers personalized feedback to every candidate, and meets strict compliance regulations. 

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Attracting new talents to state agencies

In the wake of Covid-19, recruiters in the public sector noticed that candidates preferred to have a digital screening interview when they started implementing physical interviews again. Many job seekers like the flexibility and having a digital meeting to understand if they are interested in the position. When municipalities use Tengai, they can attract new talents that otherwise might be missed. This is crucial for state agencies that are trying to compete against the private sector. 

Not only is Tengai's interview convenient for candidates, but it also reduces the number of touch-points and handoffs that recruiters have to stickhandle for every new applicant, coordinate busy schedules, or manually screen every applicant.

In an increasingly competitive job market, finding qualified candidates becomes more difficult


Increased efficiency

Tengai streamlines the recruitment process and frees up time by asking pre-defined questions, recording answers, and rating candidates' responses in real-time.

Enhanced candidate experience

Despite being a virtual interview, Tengai's avatar reduces the candidate's stress with an unbiased, personalized and human-like interview experience.

Reduced bias

Tengai carries out structured interviews, ensuring all candidates are asked the same questions in the same manner, reducing the potential for bias in the selection process.

Secure and validated

Tengai's interview framework is validated and tested by psychometric experts to accurately assess candidates' future work performance.


Tengai can conduct hundreds of interviews simultaneously, which makes it an ideal tool for the public sector looking to scale their operations.

Cost savings

With faster time to hire and higher quality results, state agencies can significantly reduce the overall cost of their recruitment process.

Successful recruiting comes from doing fewer tasks, better

As a recruiter working in the public sector, you’re under constant pressure to fill vacancies quickly while at the same time, balancing the time and resources needed to manage the recruitment process. This means juggling multiple job openings, responding to candidate inquiries, scheduling interviews, and managing various administrative tasks. Tengai can help you balance your time and resources by automating activities that contribute to bringing in the best candidates within your available time and budget.

"With Tengai, we can attract and engage candidates and at the same time become more unbiased. Tengai also makes it possible to cut a step out of the recruitment process and become more accurate when it comes to the candidate experience."

Linus Holmgren, Employer Branding Manager of HR staff at Nacka Municipality

How is the Tengai interview?

80 %

of candidates think Tengai reduces the risk of discrimination

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of candidates think Tengai enhances the hiring process

90 %

of candidates would like to be interviewed by Tengai again

Never choose between speed and quality again

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