Quality high-volume recruitment

Identify candidates to invite for the first interview, faster and more accurately with Tengai's AI interview. 


Get accurate, structured interview analytics directly into your ATS


Eliminate scheduling and send one invite to all your candidates


Make every candidate feel special with conversational AI

Find top talent in volume recruitment 

It's not always easy to identify the right talent in a high-volume hiring process. While also creating an exciting experience for every applicant. As recruiters are spending more time in the initial stages of the hiring process with time-consuming tasks like CV screening and phone interviews. With Tengai, recruiting teams can automate the screening phase and get access to structured data which makes it possible to quickly identify matches between candidates and jobs. By automating the screening interview, it becomes possible for HR professionals to handle large volumes of applicants in a more efficient and objective way.

Interview Avatar for volume recruitment
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Personalize your high-volume hiring process 

The most common way to improve the candidate experience is by shortening the application process and giving personalized feedback. So we developed Tengai to do both of those things!

With Tengai, it is possible to include all candidates in the screening phase and still save time. Tengai's interview is interactive each applicant always receives instant feedback after completing the screening. Unlike a static video interview where you record yourself answering questions, conversational AI engages candidates in real time. The interactive meeting is unique because it feels just like a real conversation – only smarter, more effective, and more engaging. 

We developed Tengai's interview to be rewarding, efficient and convenient for candidates.

Sinisa Strbac, CPO at Tengai

How is the Tengai interview?

80 %

of candidates think Tengai reduces the risk of discrimination

90 %

of candidates think Tengai enhances the hiring process

90 %

of candidates would like to be interviewed by Tengai again

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