The science behind

By creating one interview framework out of several approaches, Tengai got a better way to assess candidates’ future work performance and a higher predictive validity. Below we explain how the final scoring, the Performance Index, is based on scores generated by both the Personality Indicator and Behavioral Indicator.

Personality Indicator
Behavioral Indicator
Performance Index
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Automatic personality score

A predictive scoring that is delivered automatically by Tengai and reflects the candidates personality and level of:

  • Social confidence
  • Diligence
  • Assertiveness
  • Goal orientation 
  • Activity level
  • Task confidence
Tengai candidate assessment
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Manual behavioral score

A descriptive scoring based on questions about past behavior. In this part of the assessment, recruiters can manually score soft skills and listen to interview audio where the candidate answers questions about:

  • Problem solving
  • Independence 
  • Stress tolerence 
  • Collaboration
Tengai candidate assessment
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Performance index 

The final score is a combination of the two indicators and reflects the candidates' general work performance based on a 1 to 5 scale.

A shortlist with the highest scoring candidates is always available for the recruiter to see. Each assessment is also sent directly to the candidates, to ensure that they agree with the way Tengai has interpreted their personality. 

Tengai candidate assessment

Quality screening

Tengai's AI interview is available in both English and Swedish.

GDPR compliant

Meets strict privacy and security standards. 

Low cost

Can decrease your recruitment costs by up to 90%

Candidate UX

Conversational AI enhances the hiring experience.

An effective AI assistant

When AI is used in the right way, it can complement us in our everyday work. But it can never substitute humans. Our AI interview exhibits both complex and autonomous behaviors. Meaning that Tengai independently can screen and recommend job-seekers, without any human interference. The AI is focused on collecting information about personality and competencies. So recruiters can spend more time finding information about the candidates' experiences and drive.

"The validation study implies that Tengai accurately can assess personality traits correlated with work performance and be used to achieve a more unbiased recruitment process!"

Dr. Anders Sjöberg, Psychometrics Sweden AB

The assessment scale

We refer to the model Big Five as it continues to be one of the most accepted personality theories. Unlike other trait theories, that sort individuals into binary categories, the Big Five model asserts that each personality trait represents a continuum. Therefore, Tengai always assesses candidates on a spectrum which contributes to a more complex final score. 

The unbiased AI interview

As AI becomes more powerful, a looming question is how to align AI and humans with respect to both safety, goals and values. We therefore developed Tengai to conduct blind interviews, which means that the final scoring reflects candidates competencies. We use the graph database NEO4J to process candidate data as it combines native graph storage and advanced security.


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Benefits of Tengai's AI interview:

  • Validated by psychometric experts
  • Efficient for both recruiters and candidates 
  • Unbiased and can reduce the risk of discrimination 
  • Can decrease recruitment costs by up to 90%


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