Tengai Recruiting Hub

Now with more capability for efficient screening. Easy to customize and screen multiple candidates for qualifications, personalities, and behaviors, at the same time. With automatic candidate nurturing and scientific shortlist. 

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Tengai avatar

Meet our talking interview avatar. The interface between our recruitment and candidate platform. With natural language understanding (NLU). Powered by a validated interview framework. Available 24/7 for the ultimate convenience.

Tengai Talent Hub

Introducing the future for job seekers. Designed to take control of data. With access to personalized feedback and the possibility to reuse the interview for unlimited amounts of hiring processess.


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Transform your hiring process from risky to risk-free with an efficient AI-powered recruitment process


Comprehensive candidate evaluations

Tengai's AI-powered interview software gives you comprehensive and structured analytics of each candidate's personality, behavior, and potential. 

Save time and resources

With Tengai's AI recruiting software, you can automate administrative tasks, such as scheduling interviews and providing feedback to candidates quickly.

Enhanced candidate experience

Despite being a virtual interview, Tengai's avatar reduces the candidate's stress with an unbiased, personalized and human-like interview experience.

Make smarter hiring decisions

Ensure that only the most qualified and suitable candidates move forward in the recruitment process, and get better recruitment results.


Tengai can conduct hundreds of interviews simultaneously, making it an ideal tool for companies looking to scale their operations.

Collect all your data in one, secure place 

Protect and process interview data through a secure graph database. We fully comply with GDPR, hiring laws and follow ethical AI practices.

Increase quality with Tengai

Attracting and retaining the best people just got a whole lot easier!