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Gävle Municipality, located in east-central Sweden, is developing a more efficient talent acquisition strategy and using several different HR-tech solutions to automate its recruitment process. Their biggest hiring challenge is managing a high volume of applicants, building talent pools, and engaging candidates throughout the process. By keeping the focus on digitalization and creating a fast process for both candidates and recruiters, Gävle Municipality successfully challenges traditional hiring methods and shows how AI increases quality in recruitment.

Today, Tengai is a part of a pilot project where several HR professionals at the Competence Unit are testing software and AI tools to assess their needs. Currently, Gävle Municipality implements Tengai to screen applicants for mass recruitments and temporary positions. So far, the pilot has contributed to creating a more positive candidate experience and contributed to positioning Gävle Municipality as an innovative district.

Candidate feedback: Convenient and fair

Candidates especially like that the digital Tengai interview can be done from anywhere, according to Patrik Reman who is the HR Manager for the Competence Unit at Gävle Municipality.

– When we tried going back to physical interviews, we noticed that candidates actually prefer digital interviews overall. Many applicants think that especially the first interview could be digital since they want time to consider how interested they really are in the position.

"Tengai made it easier for us, better for the candidate and quality-assured the process at the same time. I see a lot of opportunities in HR right now and how AI can help us process large volumes of data."

Patrik Reman, HR Manager, Competence Unit at Gävle Municipality

The candidate feedback Gävle Municipality has collected also reveals that applicants feel safe because of Tengai’s unbiased questions and approach.

– What candidates appreciate overall, with Tengai, is that they only are being judged only for the answers. Not what clothes they wear, what it looks like in the room where they sit, or if they stammer because they are a little nervous. Because such things are really stressful. But with Tengai, some can be a little nervous about the technology on the first two questions but then you feel that it is only the answers that are important here. 

  • I liked that Tengai did not have preconceived opinions about age and gender

    Anonymous candidate

  • It was nice to have an interview free from stress

    Anonymous candidate

  • Very smooth, and I felt comfortable

    Anonymous candidate

  • It was actually a really fun and different experience

    Anonymous candidate

Automated screening process

Gävle Municipality is using Tengai to identify the candidates with the highest general work performance score. By using a validated method that is proven to accurately assess candidates, they can make a data-driven, first candidate selection. This is their process:

  1. Candidates submit an anonymous application
  2. Automatically contacted by Tengai, who schedules the screening interview together with the candidate
  3. Candidates complete the digital interview with Tengai
  4. Assigned recruiter at Gävle Municipality receive a data-driven candidate assessment
  5. HR manager conducts personal interviews with final candidates to ensure motivation and drive

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