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DNB Bank, who are on of the biggest banks in Nordic region, used Tengai to assess candidates for their 2020 Summer Internship Program. Which includes roles like Stock Analyst, Developer, Treasury Management and Analyst. Using AI in recruitment is not something scary for DNB, who already was working to push subjectivity further down the recruitment funnel. By implementing Tengai into the process when recruiting candidates for their internship program, they stayed true to their focus on equality, inclusion and diversity.

Their main recruitment challenge was attracting a large group of candidates and assessing them through a data-driven method. The interview with Tengai gave a better foundation and an objective scoring to base the hiring decisions on. In addition to an objective and fair process for all candidates. The results were an unbiased interview experience that put DNB at the forefront of recruitment.


Updating the recruitment process with AI

One of the benefits that an AI interview contributes with is that it becomes possible to push subjectivity further down the recruitment funnel, according to Tobias Bedinger who is the HR advisor at DNB Bank. 

– We all have bias and preconceived opinions that can affect us, regardless of how good we think we are at recruitment. Especially during a hiring process. To have Tengai, that is assessing each candidate in the same way, ensures that we don’t reject applicants because of our own prejudices.

Implementing Tengai as a part of the recruitment process is also in line with DNB´s ambitious goals in Sweden

– To be able to grow on the Swedish market, we had to try something new. We are already developing digital platforms for internal purposes and for big clients at DNB. The technical development we see at our partners is exciting and gives us more opportunities to grow our business.

"Tengai made it possible for us to combine digital solutions with our focus on equality, inclusion and diversity!"

Tobias Bedinger, HR Advisor at DNB Bank

Candidate feedback

While the candidate experience is critical for any hiring process, it is especially crucial in  processes with a lot of applicants. In this case, summer interns may be newly graduates and applying for several positions at the same time. DNB Bank put a lot of effort into building their employer brand and the importance of leaving all candidates with a lasting and positive impression. By using Tengai in the process, DNB was able to show their work with inclusion by welcoming more applicants into the second stage of the process, giving them the opportunity to show their skills early on. The overall process has resulted in great feedback from the candidate perspective.

  • I liked that Tengai did not have preconceived opinions about age and gender

    Anonymous candidate

  • The best thing is that there is no discrimination during the interview

    Anonymous candidate

  • It was both a nicer and very different experience. It was actually really fun!

    Anonymous candidate

  • It was amazing! A new, simple, unbiased approach without any prestige.

    Anonymous candidate

The assessment process

DNB-Bank used the physical version of Tengai, which no longer is available, to identify the candidates with the highest general work performance score. Today, Tengai's interface consists of a digital avatar and not a physical robot because it is more convenient for both candidates and recruiters. While the interface has changed, the validated interview framework has stayed the same. 

By using a validated method that is proven to accurately assess candidates, DNB could make a data-driven, first candidate selection. This was their process:

  • Candidates submits an anonymous application 
  • Recruiters at TNG conducts a competency check and schedule interviews with qualified candidates
  • Selected candidates complete the robot interview with Tengai
  • TNG recruiters receive a data-driven assessment scoring from Tengai and combines it with the candidates screening tests and resume qualifications
  • An objective first selection of candidates are presented to client
  • DNB conducts personal interviews with final candidates to ensure motivation and drive
  • DNB selects candidates for the internship program 

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