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"With Tengai we managed to scale easily with automation, while maintaining our high demand for candidate experience and diversity!"

Johanna Nordin, HR Business Partner at Pophouse Entertainment 

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Frequently asked questions

From recruiters 

How can Tengai ensure objective recommendations?

We developed Tengai to be objective with the help of a diverse team of recruiters and coders with over 20 years of experience in unbiased recruitment. As a result, Tengai never takes a candidate's appearance or background into account. 

How quickly can I start screening candidates?

As soon as you are ready! When Tengai is integrated in the process, you can start screening candidates after the first interview. Tengai makes sure to schedule the pre-screening interview with your applicants and delivers an exciting and fair candidate experience.

Do I need to take a course before using Tengai Recruit?

No, you do not need to take any course or have advanced training before using Tengai Recruit. Our software is developed to be intuitive and suit all users, regardless of previous software experience.

Can Tengai understand different accents?

Yes! Tengai has support for understanding different accents and dialects so all candidates can have the same, fair experience.

From candidates

How do I prepare for an interview with Tengai?

There is nothing special you need to do or prepare for before your Tengai interview. All you need is a solid internet connection and a smartphone or computer! :)

What languages can Tengai speak?

English (with an American accent) and Swedish.

How long is the interview?

Tengai's interview takes around 20 minutes to complete and consists of 10 behavioral statements and 10 questions about personality.

What happens after the interview?

Once the screening interview is completed, you will receive instant personal feedback. So you know how the interpretation of your personality was made, before the result is sent to the human recruiter.

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