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Furhats vision and mission
Furhat and Tengai work together
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Furhat Robotics is a conversational AI and social robotics startup based in Stockholm, Sweden. It is one of the fastest-growing startups in the world today building robots with conversational and social abilities, accelerating the adoption of social robots in our daily lives. With roots in research from one of the world’s leading research labs in conversational AI in Sweden, Furhat is building the hardware and software operating system and tools to enable the growth of an ecosystem of applications for social robots, such as Tengai.

Furhats vision and mission

Furhat’s vision is to create a human-like computer interface that enables people to interact with machines in the same way that humans interact with each other. The combination of a high-fidelity and customizable hardware platform, an operating system for social robots and a very powerful software development kit enables companies like Tengai to customize their own application and redefine how humans interact with technology.

The screening interview should be convenient, rewarding and efficient for candidates.

Sinisa Strbac, Chief Product Officer at Tengai

Furhat Robotics

Furhat and Tengai working together 

In 2018, Furhat Robotics started the collaboration with unbiased recruitment and staffing agency TNG. The shared mission of this partnership is to take the next step in unbiased recruitment by developing Tengai Unbiased, the world’s first social interview robot. With TNG’s insights, the Diversity and Inclusion software was specifically designed to reduce bias in the recruitment process and create a more fair candidate experience. Furhat recently released a blog post, delving into how social robots can reduce recruitment bias.

In 2019, Tengai AB was incorporated and continues to work alongside Furhat Robotics, using the conversational platform and the operating systemOS to develop the next generation of unbiased interview tools.

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All about user experience 

There is a big difference between working with pen-and-paper, a touch screen, a smart speaker, an animated character, VR, AR. Compared to a physical and social robot. And it all comes down to the user experience. While you can express any “information” in all of the above, each medium has its own benefits in how it engages with the user in different tasks. For example, using a keyboard to draw or edit a picture in Photoshop is a very bad interface compared to using a mouse.

And we argue that using a chatbot/online-form to recruit someone is a very bad interface as well. And when talking about about bias, using a human could be a bad interface.