Having a hiring process that genuinely takes care of each candidate is a very time-consuming task. Especially in today’s market, where job-seekers demand a lot of things from the hiring process and one thing in particular: personalized feedback. So why should you do it? In this article, we explore how feedback is connected to the candidate experience and how AI can assist recruiters with delivering automated, personalized feedback. 


Every applicant deserves feedback

After weeks or months of hiring and interviewing candidates – you finally found the perfect fit. What’s next? Well, for many companies, that’s pretty much it. The end of the candidate experience. But what about the candidates who got rejected? 

By giving candidates feedback from their interview, you will help create more synergy and respect throughout the hiring process. Through transparency and open dialogue, you can enrich the candidate experience monumentally.

What is interview feedback? 

Interview feedback is a type of feedback offered to a candidate after they finish interviewing with your company. It should capture what was covered in the interview and how the candidate performed. Constructive feedback may help a candidate work on their areas of improvement.

What kind of feedback do candidates want?

The most common feedback questions candidates want answers to are:

  • How did I do?
  • How did you interpret my answers?
  • What is the overall impression of my personality and behaviors?

This may seem simple enough to answer, but it is not enough to give generic feedback over email. In today’s candidate-driven job market applicants don’t want to experience being treated like numbers on a spreadsheet. They want to feel unique and valued with their own stories to tell. So in most cases, it’s close to impossible to give every single candidate constructive feedback. However, with the help of AI recruitment tools, it becomes possible to automatically give personalized feedback to all your job-seekers. 

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There are two main reasons why you should give personalized feedback: 

1. It helps you build a better employer brand 

Since candidates have invested so much time and effort in the hiring process, it’s only natural that they would want some return for the investment they made. Whether they were accepted or rejected. To build better connections will all the candidates in your talent pool, and improve their candidate experience, you need to give them good feedback. 

When you ghost candidates, you’ll be impairing the candidate experience. Since nobody wants to feel invisible. Especially rejected candidates who you want to encourage to reapply to open vacancies in the future. By giving valuable feedback, you’ll strike a great, positive chord. Which will incredibly fine-tune the candidate experience and help build your employer brand.

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2. It helps you attract more talent 

“Would you recommend us to a friend?” - a simple, but extremely important question that reflects your CNPS (Candidate Net Promoter Score). CNPS is a measure of how likely candidates are to recommend your company to others based on their perceptions about how well you treat them during the hiring process. 

Giving candidates valuable feedback will instill a sense of loyalty and belonging to your company, especially for those who are making it to the next steps in the hiring process. They’ll know that your advice will help them nail the next round, and will feel more excited about joining your company and recommend you to others.


Give personalized feedback with Tengai

The whole purpose of Tengai's AI interview is to give candidates the possibility to add more information to their process and to make sure that everyone is being treated fairly and objectively. Regardless if an applicant is selected for a personal interview, Tengai allows job-seekers to get feedback during the conversation that gives an idea of how the interpretation of their personality is made, before the result is sent to the recruiter in the next step.

After eight months with Tengai’s feedback feature, candidate satisfaction has increased from 80% to a splendid 89% (would like to do it again in another process). Not only that, 80% (from previously 64%) of candidates will now recommend Tengai to others after receiving personalized feedback.

To find out more about how Tengai can help you improve your hiring process and candidate experience please get in touch.

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