Until now, recruiters and hiring managers have lacked tools that objectively assess applicants' soft skills and personality traits. Tengai’s Artificial intelligence (AI) avatar is changing that. Tengai’s candidate experience software is powered by 20 years of recruitment methodology and provides new opportunities for candidates and hiring managers. As a result, you get higher efficiency, quality, and a positive candidate experience.

Advances in recruitment technology present exciting opportunities for improving the hiring process. There is, however, the risk that technology could make everything much more impersonal. AI, chatbots, and algorithms are all guaranteed time savers, but will it lose the crucial human touch?

Innovating the candidate interview experience

Tengai is providing candidates with a unique interview experience, giving them a sense of human connection despite being a virtual interaction. Interview AI has existed as video interviews and virtual agents until now. While all these features are cool, Tengai offers a more immersive experience with our AI interview avatar.

We understand the candidate user experience is crucial for recruitment because it makes candidates engage emotionally and socially, which is also proven to lead to more honest answers.


A structured AI interview 

Tengai can automatically deliver useful analytics by screening for soft skills and personality traits throughout the AI interview. The full AI interview takes about 20 minutes. There is no special knowledge necessary to take part in a conversation with Tengai. All you need is a solid internet connection and a smartphone or computer. But we highly recommend that you find a quiet area to be successful. The interview takes about 18-20 minutes and consists of 20 questions that are centered on personality and behavior. Tengai does not consider appearance or background, during the interview, to ensure a fair assessment. Once the interview is done, applicants will receive personalized feedback. All candidates receive their feedback before Tengai sends the results to the recruiter, who manages the specific hiring process. 

This is how the digital interview works.

Our AI avatar asks questions and gives feedback

During all interviews, our AI avatar asks questions in the same way and in the same order. Through that, we ensure a fair interview experience for all candidates. It also creates higher reliability and consistency. Throughout the AI interview, Tengai gives “human” feedback. That includes nodding, smiling, leaning of the head, or saying “mhm”. These cues encourage the candidate to give elaborate answers. If the answer is too vague, Tengai might ask the candidate to give more concrete examples.

Tengai’s “human” qualities create an AI interview where job seekers feel safe, comfortable, and have a cutting-edge candidate experience.

Learn how personalized feedback is enhancing the candidate experience.

Get started with Tengai’s candidate experience software

At Tengai, we understand just how important talent attraction and retention are. This is why we’re dedicated to helping you innovate your recruitment process with our AI interview software.

Effectively use our social AI-avatar designed to conduct objective job interviews.
You’re now able to pre-screen multiple candidates during blind interviews, and through an interviewer who treats all candidates the same, always asks the same questions and doesn’t care about appearance, gender or age. 

Our Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI) technology, allows a computer to mimic and carry out conversational experiences with candidates. Our AI-powered software can understand, process, and respond to human language. This enables humans and computers to communicate clearly and effectively through both speech and text.

To find out more about how we can help you improve your candidate interview experience, please get in touch.


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