Many industries experience seasonal ebbs and flows, which is why seasonal jobs are so important. When the sun-loving vacationers' journey to beach towns in the summer or snowbirds flock to powder-topped mountains in the winter it can be a challenge for businesses to meet their staffing needs. If you expect an increase in business during the holiday season, it’s never too early to think about hiring a few extra helping hands. In this article, we’ll help you get ahead of the curve and create a plan for hiring the best temporary talent in the industry. 


Do seasonal hiring right with our AI recruitment tool


What is seasonal hiring?

Businesses use seasonal hiring to supplement their workforce during peak seasons. A seasonal employee works for an organization only for a limited period ‌or for a few hours. They hired employees, particularly during holidays, to manage the holiday surge, also referred to as holiday hiring. 


Who hires seasonal workers?

Traditionally, retailers and trade-related industries hire for seasonal jobs during the holiday season. In addition to intense competition and shopping during holiday sales, seasonal hiring is rapidly gaining traction in marketing, social media, and technology sectors as well. 

Below are some companies that often hire seasonal workers to meet their seasonal staffing requirements:

  • Holiday resorts
  • Construction
  • Lawn care or Landscaping
  • Agriculture
  • Hospitality
  • Retail stores
  • Golf courses
  • Delivery services

In the era of the gig economy, seasonal hiring is pure bliss for those who are planning to make some quick money and get job experience. No wonder teens, students, interns, and freelancers are actively pursuing seasonal jobs during holidays and vacations.


Some pros of hiring for seasonal work

Hiring seasonal employees has a few benefits, regardless of whether the company is open year-round or if it strictly operates on a seasonal schedule. A few benefits you might enjoy are as follows:

A flexible schedule

With a flexible schedule, you can control how many staff you hire, when you hire them, and how long their employment lasts.

Lower your employment costs

Only hiring seasonal staff during busy seasons can save you the money that it costs to hire full-time employees.

Test runs

You can use the seasonal hiring period to determine if the employee is a good fit for the company.


Possible cons of seasonal hiring

Although there are many advantages to seasonal hiring, remember that it also has a few disadvantages. These Disadvantages may not be significant enough to outweigh the benefits, but you should still take them into consideration before deciding if seasonal hiring is right for your business:

Less training 

Because seasonal employees are only employed for a short time, there is less opportunity to train them. This could lead to accidents in the workplace or subpar work.

Lack of loyalty

Staff that works only during the seasons may have a reduced investment in the company, which might cause decreased productivity and performance.


How to get the most out of seasonal hiring with AI

Automation and technology have reduced manual labor, freeing up time and resources for more useful activities while also providing significant improvements in the recruiting area. AI improves the quality of the seasonal hiring process from sourcing to onboarding by using a large amount of data on a potential applicant's actions and behavioral tendencies.

Some of the great ways of doing seasonal hiring right with AI-based tools are:

Volume recruitment 

High-volume hiring is always a challenge in seasonal jobs. The tedious manual process is taking taken care by AI. Automated recruitment tools make it easy to accomplish large-scale seasonal hiring using time-tested strategies like 'quality first', talent curation, predictive analytics, and talent vetting.

Faster Hiring

Unlike human beings, AI can work very quickly. It can go through thousands of resumes and shortlist the most accurate ones in a matter of seconds. This can help speed up the rest of the hiring process so that candidates can be hired relatively quickly.

Quality Talent

With the 'War for Talent' raging on, even seasonal hiring is not exempt. In this case, AI tools can help assess a candidate's talent and character through phone interviews, NLPs, assessments, and simulations. For example, proctored-based tests and interviews can Weed out fraudulent candidates with behavior checks and assessments.

Reduce your cost-to-hire

Companies use recruitment automation to reduce the cost of hiring by over 30 percent. This includes not only monetary resources but also non-monetary resources like time, energy and productivity.

Unbiased recruitment

Holiday hiring presents an opportunity for businesses to be more diverse and inclusive in their workforce. With data from candidate profiles and talent analytics, AI tools like Tengai Unbiased can help eliminate bias in hiring practices and match candidates with the right jobs. This eliminates any obstacle that could come between a business and the best candidate for the job.


Seasonal hiring with Tengai Unbiased 

Tengai’s framework is tested and proven to accurately assess personality traits and competency. By combining several approaches, we got a better assessment to predict future work performance. This approach was developed by a team of diverse HR professionals with over 20 years of experience in unbiased recruitment.

We are among the most popular AI-based recruitment platforms when it comes to addressing the hiring needs of a company. Our AI tools ensure that your seasonal hiring needs are taken care of. 

Speak with our team to book a demo. 

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