Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered recruiting solutions are essential in today's tech-driven world. Recruiters can use these AI tools to automate some aspects of candidate reviews, reduce labor-intensive manual processes, and much more when integrated with their sourcing workflows and applicant tracking systems (ATS). Due to today's competitive job market, great candidates are snapped up quickly, which makes recruiting technology critical. You can save a great deal of time by integrating AI recruiting tools into your talent search. The catch is, not all recruiting technologies are created equal. So how do you decide which recruiting tool is best for you? Here are 8 things to look for in an AI recruiting tool.


What is AI recruiting?

The term AI recruiting software refers to a type of technology that helps with the hiring process. This includes tools like chatbots, tracking systems, and other software. It is used for high-volume recruitment tasks such as interviews. However, this isn’t the only aspect in recruitment that utilizes the software.

Learn how Tengai’s AI is being used to create a better recruitment process.

1. Ease of Use

There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing another digital tool or integrating a new system, and not understanding how to navigate it. When choosing an AI recruiting system, keep it simple. The easier it is to navigate a new tool, the more likely it is for you to use it at its full capacity and get more bang for your buck. Is the dashboard interface easy to navigate? Are the features easy to identify? Is there a feature that can optimize my job description and automate emails for me?

Remember, your AI recruiting tool should help you work smarter, not harder, and list all qualified candidates from all your sources in one list with a great interface. The ideal AI tool should allow you to:

  • post a job
  • review and shortlist candidates
  • easily find resumes and contact information
  • stop duplicate posts, lists, or candidates, when you switch to better-recruiting software to handle your daily needs

2. Integrated with your ATS and workflows 

Another feature you should consider in a recruiting tool is its ability to integrate with your existing applicant tracking system and daily workflow. Your recruiting software should not be another tool you have to somehow fit into your sourcing workflow. With the right hiring tool, you can easily pull all the candidates you source directly into your ATS. As a result, this allows you the opportunity to focus on what really matters, actual recruiting! 

3. Diversity built into your AI recruiting tool

Diversifying your workforce and nurturing a more inclusive workplace is a top business priority for many organizations. However, diversifying your talent search the traditional way, by adding premium diverse job sources, can get expensive and complicated. Look for a recruiting platform that supports your diversity goals right out of the box, without adding new tech or additional job boards.

But diversity recruiting alone can’t build a more inclusive organization. You have to support these efforts with programs that new hires see as an inclusive company after they’re onboarded. Otherwise, your diverse new hires will simply find another position with another company.  

4. An integrated candidate communication dashboard 

As if searching, sourcing, finding, diversifying, and managing your candidate pool were not enough; communicating with prospects seems to be a completely different ball game. But in today’s job environment, if you delay communication, you could lose a candidate. Streamline some of those early communication efforts by letting your AI recruiting assistant help. An efficient hiring tool does this best by giving you a communication dashboard that connects you with candidates and automates personalized messages. Even a chatbot feature will save you tons of time and energy to dedicate to other critical tasks.

5. 24/7 Availability

Finding available time for both recruiter and the candidate can be challenging. That’s why before you choose a tool, make sure that it is available all the time. This means 24 hours a day for seven days.

This is extremely helpful for international businesses. Instead of hiring more recruiters, you can rely on AI recruitment software in these cases. Aside from this, it can streamline the interview process. You’ll have applicant information ready the next morning. This means you can easily go over the information from interviews for further examination.

6. Scalability

Since the business world is ever-changing, your AI recruiting tool should, too. Scalability is important if you want to adapt to the constant demands of the market. Technology scalability refers to how capable the software can easily adapt. As an example, due to the pandemic last 2020, there is a sudden surge in demand for toilet paper. This pushed groceries to recruit more staff than ever.

With a scalable recruitment tool, it would be easy to meet this demand.

7. Easy Integration

Let’s say you already found an AI recruiting tool that fits your company’s needs. The next thing you need to worry about is how simple it can be integrated. If not, then it will be of no use to you. To do this, the tool you choose should be compatible with your company’s recruiting software. The data from the software can effectively be transferred to the tool you will use.

If your AI tool can be easily integrated, you won’t have to make significant changes to your data flow. This will save you time and money to do more important things. 

8. Provides the best candidate experience

The software should be able to help you with the recruitment process. However, it is equally important that you give the candidate the best experience. These applicants will not only use the software but can become future employees of the company. This can mean losing a good candidate for the position.

There is a wide range of AI software available for recruitment. Before you decide on which recruitment software to invest in, try to consider this. The software you choose will have an impact on the screening process and your candidates. Look for the ones that leave a positive impact.

If you’d like to learn how Tengai’s AI is being used to create a better and more efficient recruitment process for recruiters like you, get in touch with our team.

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