Thanks to artificial intelligence-powered solutions, HR and recruiting have become considerably more data-driven, effective, and streamlined. An efficient talent pipeline will ensure that your organization has qualified candidates for the jobs of today, as well as the ability to handle unexpected backfills and sudden business expansions. In this blog, we explore five ways AI helps HR managers develop a solid talent pipeline and some benefits AI software brings to your interview process.


1. AI recruiting helps you identify top talent more quickly 

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables companies to analyze resumes and job applications quickly, assessing each candidate's qualifications and skills with algorithms. AI can also help companies identify which candidates are a good fit for the job and which are not, based on the specific criteria you set. Besides reducing the time to hire and overall effort required to screen candidates, a major benefit we see AI can also minimize the risk of hiring the wrong person.

For example, AI can infer skills or interests from a candidate's previous employment history, volunteer work, or education. Since AI is always learning, it remembers information it can use in different recruitment scenarios as it goes along. As a result, your candidates or current employees may have more opportunities to apply for positions within an organization, even if they haven't actually applied for them.

2. AI speeds up your recruitment process

A competitive job market makes recruiting top talent even more challenging. Streamlining the tasks involved in the recruiting and hiring workflow will help you be first to engage top talent. AI can help companies build an efficient talent pipeline by automating certain aspects of the recruitment process, such as:

  • Resume screening 
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Sending follow-up emails and offer letters 
  • Tracking candidate progress 

Tengai uses automation to help you screen applicants more efficiently. This gives you the opportunity to develop a more in-depth candidate profile for each applicant. You won't miss out on top talent in a stack of cover letters and resumes, and Tengai’s automated AI reduces the chances of unconscious bias while screening candidates.

3. Data-driven recruiting is possible with AI

AI can be a major help to hiring managers who want to make more informed decisions about which candidates to promote or develop. Since AI is so much better at analyzing large volumes of data than humans, it can help you analyze applicant data and predict which candidates are most likely to succeed in a certain position. By analyzing more data more efficiently, you can tailor your recruitment process to match the needs and preferences of your candidates, making it more efficient for everyone overall. 

4. AI improves your candidate's experience

We love that AI recruiting software can help automate your communications and enhance their candidate experience. By keeping candidates informed of the status of their applications in real time, you improve transparency and reduce the risk of losing top talent.

There’s nothing worse for a candidate than applying for a role, sitting for an interview, and then… radio silence. Tengai streamlines the screening process and sends personalized feedback to every one of your applicants. Creating an environment where applicants feel respected will not only strengthen your relationship with current applicants but will also increase the number of people who may apply in the future. 

5. AI increases workplace diversity

Diversity at work leads to more innovative solutions and overall better decision-making. AI can help you improve the diversity of your talent pipeline by analyzing the data more efficiently and identifying candidates who are being overlooked and why. You can then use this information to improve your recruitment process and ensure all your candidates have an equal opportunity to be considered for the job.

Tengai’s AI lacks the cognitive ability to judge. Tengai eliminates gut feeling completely, which makes your candidate’s age, sex, appearance, and dialect irrelevant. This leads recruiters to make unbiased hiring decisions that focus on candidate’s competence. It’s this objective assessment of candidates that will lead to more organizations being inclusive and representative of a diverse range of perspectives and experiences. Tengai can help to improve the diversity of your workforce and ensure that you have access to the best talent available.

How Tengai can help you build a more efficient talent pipeline

Tengai’s AI can help optimize every step of your interview process. Our automated recruiting tools can help you organize and manage your talent acquisition process, while also collecting and reporting necessary data and moving new hires through the hiring process with ease.

Empower your hiring professionals to focus their time and attention on finding top talent with an applicant tracking system designed to support success.

Build a strong talent pipeline today and incorporate Tengai’s AI software into your recruitment process by speaking with our team. 


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