Create an effective seasonal hiring process

Identify candidates to invite for the first interview, faster and more accurately with Tengai's AI interview.  



Get accurate, structured interview analytics directly into your ATS


Recruiters can follow the process in real-time


Assess all candidates in a fair and convenient way

Quality seasonal hiring

To accommodate the holiday rush or specific industry demands, many organizations need an efficient way to identify suitable candidates for high-volume job positions. With Tengai's digital screening interview, recruiters get access to structured data which makes it possible to quickly identify matches between candidates and jobs. This is crucial since a seasonal hiring process usually has a short time frame and the pressure to perform often leads to a weak screening of potential employees. As a result, inexperienced or unqualified workers often get the job.

Tengai also delivers personalized feedback to every candidate to enhance the candidate experience and never judges job-seekers based on their background or appearance. 

Tengai AI interview for seasonal hiring
Screen candidates for seasonal recruitment

Enhanced recruitment experience

The most common way to improve the candidate experience is by shortening the application process. So we developed Tengai to  manage a task that takes up most of HR-professionals time: manual resume screening.

Not only is Tengai's interview convenient for candidates, but it also reduces the number of touch-points and handoffs that recruiters have to stickhandle for every new applicant. With Tengai, you don’t have to coordinate busy schedules or manually screen every applicant and our standard plan includes the option for recruiters to customize and add screening questions. 

We developed Tengai's interview to be rewarding, efficient and convenient for candidates.

Sinisa Strbac, CPO at Tengai

How is the Tengai interview?

80 %

of candidates think Tengai reduces the risk of discrimination

90 %

of candidates think Tengai enhances the hiring process

90 %

of candidates would like to be interviewed by Tengai again

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Lower the risk of bad hiring decisions with Tengai's AI interview
Create a better candidate experience 
Maintain the human touch with a human-like avatar that is interactive and delivers personalized feedback.
Efficient and safe for both recruiters and candidates 
Connect Tengai to your existing workflow. The digital interview is GDPR compliant and meets strict security standards. 
Make unbiased, data-driven decisions
Validated to psychometric experts to be accurate and contribute to a more unbiased recruitment process. 

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