Endelig-Mandag, Norway's leading IT recruitment agency, has forged an innovative partnership with Tengai and became the first company in Norway to use Tengai. This pioneering collaboration propels Endelig-Mandag to the forefront of AI-driven recruitment in Norway.

The key objectives are to streamline high-volume hiring processes for big clients, communicate more effectively with candidates, and gain in-depth insights into potential hires.

"At Endelig-Mandag, we've always aimed to provide the best service to our clients, which means staying on the cutting edge of AI recruitment technology. We're excited to lead the way in Norway by adopting Tengai's innovative AI software, allowing us to take a significant step forward in delivering top-tier recruitment services." 

Silje Christine Steen, CEO at Endelig-Mandag.

Utilizing AI to enhance the candidate experience

As Endelig-Mandag and Tengai join forces, they are set to redefine the recruitment experience in Norway, making it faster, more efficient, and more inclusive. For candidates, this means a fairer shot at landing their dream job. By using natural language understanding and a carefully designed interview framework, Tengai evaluates candidates in an unbiased way, assesses their suitability, and generates valuable insights to assist recruiters in making informed decisions.

  • I liked that Tengai did not have preconceived opinions about age and gender

    Anonymous candidate

  • You had to focus more on exactly what you were saying, instead of relating to a human.

    Anonymous candidate

  • It’s not like a regular interview. Because it’s not lika a human reacting to another human. It is like it’s calculating and then reacts.

    Anonymous candidate

  • It was actually a really fun and different experience. The robot was neutral.

    Anonymous candidate

Automated screening process

This strategic move reinforces Endelig-Mandag’s commitment to offering top-tier recruitment services and their status as leaders in the recruitment industry. With big clients increasingly turning to Tengai to streamline their hiring processes, this partnership represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of AI recruitment in Norway.


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