280000 SEK

Decrease in recruitment costs

90 %

Less time spent on screening resumes

90 %

Of candidates recommend Tengai

Altran Technologies is a global innovation and engineering consulting firm that operates primarily in high technology and innovation consultancy. The firm is active in most engineering domains, particularly electronics and IT technology. In 2017, Altran generated €2.282 billion in revenues and employed over 33,665 people around the world.

One of the key points for Altran's success worldwide is to attract and retain talents that jointly want to grow and develop together with their assignments. As a world leader in technology and R & D services, innovation has always been the main factor that naturally puts HR in the spotlight of transforming and leading the development in their field. Now, Altran is taking the next step and investing in the interview avatar Tengai. The goal is to create a more innovative and objective job interview, improve the candidate experience and strengthen the company’s employer brand.

Focus on automation 

HR Director at Altran, Anna Alveros, states that the idea of Tengai was born as early as 2019 when the robot was launched during re-seller TNG’s yearly trend-seminar on unbiased recruitment.

– We are a technology-driven company with many early adaptors. Our employees expect it and we believe that applicants do too. Now we get the chance to be one of the first in the world to implement our own interview avatar and it suits us perfectly! 

"With Tengai, we could upgrade our recruitment process and candidate experience. Innovation is a core value At Altran and to lead the technological development is a signum for us."

Anna Alveros, HR Director at Altran

Candidate feedback

Altran is a company that values quality and using technology as a way to create a more sustainable recruitment process. With Tengai, Altran can quickly identify the best candidates, reduce time-to-hire and enhance the screening experience, at the same time.  What candidates appreciate overall, with Tengai, is that they only are being judged only for the answers. Not what clothes they wear, what it looks like in the room where they sit, or if they stammer because they are a little nervous. 

  • I liked that Tengai did not have preconceived opinions about age and gender

    Anonymous candidate

  • It was nice to have an interview free from stress

    Anonymous candidate

  • Very smooth, and I felt comfortable

    Anonymous candidate

  • It was actually a really fun and different experience

    Anonymous candidate

Automated screening process

Tengai can identify the candidates with the highest general work performance. By using a validated method that is proven to accurately assess candidates, Altran can make a data-driven, first candidate selection. This is their process:

  1. Candidates submit an anonymous application
  2. Automatically contacted by Tengai, who schedules the screening interview together with the candidate
  3. Candidates complete the interview with Tengai
  4. Assigned recruiter at Altran receives a data-driven candidate assessment
  5. HR manager conducts personal interviews with final candidates to ensure motivation and drive

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