Recruit faster, make every candidate feel special, and mitigate unconscious bias. Compare and select the best candidates in a scientific way. 

Improved candidate experience
Automate the recruitment process and become more efficient and personalized. Making it easier for you to attract and keep high-quality candidates. 

Make hiring decisions based on data 
Get data-driven insights so you can make more informed decisions about your hiring strategy.

Reduce unconscious bias
Mitigate unconscious bias from the screening process in order to build an inclusive workplace with varied perspectives and truly innovative ideas.

Save time and resources 
Automate administrative tasks, such as scheduling interviews and providing feedback to candidates quickly. 

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Transform your recruitment process and gain a competitive edge

Attracting and retaining the best people just got a whole lot easier with Tengai.


Tengai lets you customize your interview parameters, resulting in better, more relevant interview analytics, which makes it easier to compare candidates.


Tengai's recruitment software can easily be integrated with the rest of your tech stack to streamline almost every aspect of the hiring process. 


Tengai protects and processes interview data through a secure graph database. We fully comply with hiring laws and regulations and follow ethical AI practices.

Frequently asked questions

How can Tengai ensure objective recommendations?

Tengai conducts blind interviews and does not assess the candidate's appearance or background. By keeping the focus on competence and personality, it becomes possible to objectively identify the right candidates with the right competencies.

Read more about the unbiased framework >

What languages does Tengai speak?

Tengai can speak English (with an American accent) and Swedish.

How long is Tengai's screening interview?

Tengai's interview takes around 20 minutes to complete and consists of 10 behavioral statements,  10 questions about personality, and some additional questions that are role specific.

Can recruiters, who never used screening softwares or AI, use Tengai?

Certainly! We developed the Tengai Recruiting Hub to be intuitive and suit all users, regardless of previous experience.

Here is a step-by-step of how it works >

Can Tengai understand different accents?

Yes! Tengai has support for understanding different accents and dialects so all candidates can have the same, fair experience. Our AI uses natural language understanding (NLU), which gives it the ability to understand and interpret human language as it is spoken and we constantly tweak our NLU to pick up nuances in language depending on the demographic.

Learn more about how Tengai can communicate, and understand the candidates >