The human-like recruitment avatar

Use Tengai's AI interview to get rid of your recruitment pains and candidate disengagement. Assess every applicant faster and lower the risk of bad hiring decisions, at the same time.


Screen multiple candidates at once and hire faster


Ensure a more equitable experience


Be more attractive to high-quality candidates

Welcome to a new era of candidate engagement

The updated recruitment avatar provides on-demand access to the AI interview. Ensuring accessibility and empowering all candidates, while also increasing efficiency and quality of hire for HR professionals.

New features:

  • Human-like avatar
  • Better Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
  • New voice
  • Refined personalized feedback to every applicant
  • Conducts interviews 24/7
  • Option for recruiters to add additional questions
Candidate experience report

Put your process on autopilot

The new version of Tengai is pre-tailored for efficient screening and assessing candidates' competencies and personality traits related to work performance. So recruiters can spend more time finding information about the candidates' experiences and drive.

The recruitment avatar is validated by psychometric experts and proven to contribute to a more objective screening process.

With Tengai we managed to scale easily with automation while maintaining our high demand for candidate experience and diversity!

Johanna Nordin, HR Business Partner at Pophouse Entertainment

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Eliminate scheduling and spend time where it really matters. 

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