Tengai launch event

Introducing an all-new Tengai avatar, new candidate application Tengai Talent Hub and rebuilt recruitment software Tengai Recruiting Hub.

Through the online launch, recruitment professionals will gain first-hand experience of the new Tengai in action and learn how it will transform their own recruitment processes. The event includes live demonstrations of Tengai's technology and features interactive Q&A sessions with the developers and experts from Tengai. This launch promises to be an exciting and informative experience for anyone interested in the future of recruitment and the latest developments in AI software.

Here's what we announced

Don't choose between speed and quality


Data-driven interview analytics

Tengai's analyzes candidate responses and provides you with data-driven insights you can bring into and make more informed decisions about your hiring strategy.

Improved recruitment outcomes

Tengai helps ensure only the most qualified and suitable candidates move forward in the recruitment process, which leads to better recruitment results.

Increased diversity and inclusion

Tengai removes unconscious bias from the recruitment process in order to build an inclusive workplace with varied perspectives and truly innovative ideas.

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