Companies automate their recruiting activities to increase their competitive advantage over the competition. These companies recognize that the traditional way of finding, attracting and retaining staff simply doesn’t work as well as it used to. If you or your company are looking to achieve better hiring results in a shorter amount of time, you may want to explore AI-powered recruitment technology like Tengai. In this article we will explore some advantages of automating aspects of your recruitment process and which activities Tengai can assist you or your company with automating.


What is recruitment automation? 

Automated recruitment refers to HR-tech tools used to streamline your recruiting processes. Companies are increasingly using recruitment automation software to create more efficient hiring processes and reduce manual tasks that technology can do more efficiently. The right software can assist with freeing up recruiters’ time, and empower them with data that facilitates well-informed hiring decisions. 

Advantages of automating recruiting tasks 

By automating your recruitment process, you can eliminate the most tedious activities. A well-optimized recruitment process will benefit you and your team in a number of ways. We’ve highlighted a few ways automation can enhance your hiring process below:

Improves quality of hire 

AI and automation can help companies automatically filter out unqualified applicants and improve their ability to identify top candidates. This will improve the quality of hire, as the candidates with the "right" competencies can be identified early in the hiring process. 

Improves your time-to-hire

A big plus for using recruiting automation is that you’ll save a lot of time and won’t need to worry about those repetitive tasks anymore. Streamlining the process for both candidates and recruiters, by automatically filtering out unqualified candidates can free up time for recruiters to evaluate the remaining quality leads., in turn, will significantly reduce your time to hire.

Helps you discover higher quality candidates

By automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks you can save a significant amount of time. This time can then be redirected towards sourcing and engaging with your candidates. With more time available, you can invest in comprehensive searches, explore diverse talent pools, and reach out to passive candidates who may not be applying for a new role at this moment in time but possess the skills and experience you’re looking for. The ability to cover more ground and engage with a wide candidate pool will increase your chances of finding high-quality candidates.

Mitigates bias 

AI can create great candidate experiences with brisk responses and guided instructions throughout the application process. Using AI to screen candidates early on in the recruitment funnel, can help push bias further down the recruitment funnel and thus contribute to a more unbiased and fair experience. 

Improves candidate experience

Candidate experience is improved with recruiting automation, especially when it comes to communication. Automated systems enable you to send timely and personalized communication to your candidates throughout the recruitment process. By keeping candidates informed and engaged at each stage, you provide transparency and demonstrate your respect for candidates' time and effort, leading to a positive overall candidate experience.

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Recruitment activities you can (and should) automate with Tengai

1. Shortlist recommended candidates 

Reviewing resumes of all your applicants is a time-consuming process. One person could spend hours reviewing a single page of information. That’s why we created a scoring system to help you find the best possible candidates for each open position, or what we refer to in our platform as an “assignment”. 

When your first candidate has finished their conversation with the Tengai avatar, you’ll get access to an automatic shortlist. This shortlist is created based on a personality and behavior score. Tengai automatically generates a final score and shortlist of recommended candidates, giving you an overview of the shortlists under each of your assignments in the Tengai Recruiting Hub.

The Personality score is an automatic result delivered by Tengai and reflects the candidates' personality and level of:

  • Social confidence
  • Diligence
  • Assertiveness
  • Goal orientation 
  • Activity level
  • Task confidence

Our advanced recruiting automation tool for reviewing and analyzing candidates to find the best match saves your team time to get to know the best fit individuals. 

2. Candidate nurturing

Interview scheduling is a hassle. You must coordinate with candidates continuously to find a suitable date and time. Then reschedule when there are unforeseen conflicts. When you’re dealing with high-volume recruitment situations and trying to manage tens or hundreds of applicants for each assignment this quickly becomes your whole job. When using Tengai, you can streamline communication with candidates and allow efficiency into your interview scheduling process. 

The Tengai Recruiting Hub takes this burden off your team by sending nudges to your candidates encouraging them to move through the recruitment process. Tengai automatically sends info to your candidates about how to start their conversation with our Tengai Avatar, how much time they have to conduct the interview, if they’ve started but not finished reminders can also be sent. 

Let Tengai take over and nurture your candidates through the recruitment process while improving your overall efficiency. 

3. Personalized feedback 

There’s nothing worse than applying for a job and being seemingly ghosted by the person or company hiring. The Tengai Talent Hub mitigates this frustration by providing candidates with personalized feedback on their interviews, which is sent directly to their profile. This feedback helps your candidates understand how they performed in the interview and gives them a sense of how Tengai has interpreted their personality based on their answers. 

Tengai’s AI software can be used to send automated responses to candidates, acknowledging their application or providing initial feedback. These responses can be personalized based on predefined templates or dynamic variables. Tengai, for example, can extract relevant details from the candidate's application and incorporate them into the response allowing you to create a tailored experience at scale.

Automating feedback is positive for both recruiters and candidates because it creates transparency and trust in the relationship. Automating this recruiting activity is especially important because it helps candidates grow and develop their skills, regardless of whether they are successful in securing the job or not.


Automate your recruitment process for better results with Tengai

For recruitment agencies, businesses looking to hire the best staff, and candidates themselves, the big talking point that's dominated the world of recruitment over the last few years, is automation and AI. At Tengai, we understand just how important talent attraction and retention are. This is why we’re dedicated to helping you innovate your recruitment process with our AI recruitment software. Our platform is designed to help you organize and manage your talent acquisition process, while also collecting necessary data and moving new applicants through the process with ease.

Empower your recruitment team to focus their time and attention on finding top talent with a recruitment automation tool designed to help mitigate your team’s challenges. This will enable the procedure to be more constructive and provide your team with the time to make better decisions. 

To learn more about how Tengai works and how our AI recruiting tool can help your hiring team achieve even better results through automation, book an obligation-free demo with our experts.


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