Many employers expand their staff in advance of the holidays to meet the demands of their industry. However, many organizations experience time-consuming and inefficient recruitment processes due to volume recruiting and seasonal hiring. But there's good news—organizations now have access to exciting recruitment tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI). These tools help in various aspects of the recruitment process and solve multiple challenges along the way. In the below article, we look at 4 challenges and the different ways our AI-powered tool helps to solve your seasonal hiring challenges. 


Challenge 1: Managing a large number of applications 

Often the number of candidates shortlisted for interviews is much lower than the number of applications received. AI technology proves to be quite advantageous when segregating the vast number of applications companies receive during each hiring drive. AI-powered recruiting uses algorithms to locate specific keywords in an applicant’s resume, thus helping hiring managers in intelligent candidate screening. Furthermore, integrating AI with your company’s Application Tracking System (ATS) can help match candidates with the job opening based on their existing skills.

Now, we all know that the recruitment process isn’t just limited to finding the right candidate but also includes building a team that matches the company’s cultural requirements. Hence, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are essential aspects of the recruitment process.

The usage of AI in recruiting helps mitigate equity and discrimination problems within the workplace. The hiring process becomes considerably fair, and biases get mitigated by focusing on candidates’ skills and experience.

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Challenge 2: High turnover of seasonal temporary staff

Seasonal employment is not for the faint of heart. Because seasonal positions are short-term and industries with high turnover rates, it's difficult to keep temporary workers when you need them the most. The primary causes of seasonal turnover are an absence of goal-setting, lack of appreciation, and sheer boredom. While artificial intelligence is especially useful during the initial stages of the recruitment process, tools such as chatbots also can be used to increase staff engagement while they are carrying out work for your organization.

Imagine being able to brief your temporary staff across your organization, all at the same time, to update them on important issues or to set some goals. Why not have an AI-based conversation with them to find out how they are progressing and get some feedback about their time with your organization? 

There's no reason why a high turnover rate should damage your company's holiday season. People buy from people, and it's only natural that they would want to purchase from someone who is content and treated well--even if said person isn't employed for very long.

4 ways AI can solve your seasonal hiring challenges

Challenge 3: Managing a talent pool of previous temporary workers

Do you have the same temporary staff who work for you every festive season? How about the same students who work for you every summer when home from university?

Recruiters often have to rely on their talent pool or database to find candidates, which can be time-consuming. However, by implementing artificial intelligence, recruiters can connect with thousands of potential candidates instantly and update any profile information. This ensures that the recruitment process is as efficient as possible. All of this adds up to better candidate experiences, which are intended to delight your potential hires.

What if you could go to work every morning and get a list of people who have already been assessed the previous night and are ready to be hired into open positions? That is the reality of AI in your recruitment process.

Challenge 4:  Communicating with your candidates at a time and place that works for them

In the world of recruitment, it is a challenge for employers to communicate well with all their candidates. This is especially true for high-volume recruiting, where it would require communicating with thousands of candidates. In addition to a recruiter’s normal screening functions and other duties.

Using AI like Tengai can take away the strain of managing and communicating with a large number of applicants. Each applicant will have an immediate engagement with your organization. 

Nine out of 10 candidates expect to be able to communicate with you via messaging and social platforms. That is the way of the world. Yet less than half of organizations are equipped to handle this type of communication. Your talent pool lives on their mobile devices. When the time comes to recruit for the holidays, you’ll need to be where your candidates already are spending all of their time—on their phones.

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AI can solve your hiring challenges

Sophisticated AI tools make mobile engagement with candidates a possibility

The best recruiters work as many hours as needed to get the job done, but there is still a start and end time for the working day. The best recruiters also know that a large majority of candidates are not available to talk during the workday, preferring evenings and (sometimes) weekends. This is when Tengai comes in. Tengai is available 24/7, so a candidate can engage with you and your recruitment process at a time of his or her choosing.

Job seekers believe the ideal recruiter interaction is a mix of innovative technology and personal, human interaction. The majority of candidates are receptive to interacting with a chatbot.

Tengai delivers personalized feedback to every candidate at a time and on a channel of their choice. This enhances the candidate experience and creates a positive recruitment process, which increases your brand’s reputation.

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How Tengai helps business owners like you every season

Tengai's digital screening interview makes it easier for recruiters to find matches between people and positions by providing structured data. The screening process for potential employees is crucial during the short seasonal hiring window. The pressure to fill the position quickly often leads to weak screening, which results in inexperienced or incapable workers getting hired.

To learn more about how Tengai works and how our AI recruiting tool can help your hiring team achieve even better results through automation, book an obligation-free demo with our experts.

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