In an increasingly competitive job market, finding qualified candidates becomes more difficult


Streamlined sourcing and screening

With Tengai's AI-powered assessment capabilities, you can quickly and accurately screen and assess large numbers of candidates, identifying those most suitable for the job.

Improved candidate experience

By automating the recruitment process, Tengai can help make the process more efficient and personalized, making it easier for you to attract and keep high-quality candidates.

Enhanced diversity and inclusion

Tengai's objective approach to candidate evaluation reduces unconscious bias in your recruitment process, resulting in a diverse workforce and improved organizational performance.

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Sourcing winning talent is the first step toward building a winning team

The high demand for top talent, limited budgets, and increasing competition among employers makes it incredibly challenging for recruiters like you to find the right candidate for the job. Leverage Tengai's AI-powered assessment capabilities to source the right talent and identify the most suitable candidates for the job. It’s our unbiased and objective approach to screening and assessing candidates that saves you time and resources by ensuring that you only spend time on candidates who meet the job requirements.

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Recruiters can automatically screen candidates with AI

Identify top-tier candidates within hours, not days

Communicating with each candidate and tracking their progress can be time-consuming, especially when you have a lot of candidates going through different stages of your hiring process simultaneously. Using Tengai, you can automate screening, schedule interviews, and keep candidates up to date with your recruitment process. Our AI automation can save you valuable time and resources so you can focus on higher-level tasks, like ensuring positive relationships with hiring managers and candidates.

By automating the screening phase, we managed to scale quickly while keeping our focus on diversity and having an inclusive candidate experience.

Johanna Nordin, HR Business Partner at PopHouse Entertainment

Successful recruiting comes from doing fewer tasks, better

As a recruiter, you’re under constant pressure to fill vacancies quickly while at the same time, balancing the time and resources needed to manage the recruitment process. This means juggling multiple job openings, responding to candidate inquiries, scheduling interviews, and managing various administrative tasks. Tengai can help you balance your time and resources by automating activities that contribute to bringing in the best candidates within your available time and budget.

Recruiter becoming more efficient

Attracting and retaining the best people just got a whole lot easier

Use Tengai’s AI recruiting software to improve your recruitment efficiency, effectiveness, and boost inclusivity.

Shorter time to hire

By automating the screening phase, you can interview multiple candidates simultaneously, and cut down on the time you spend on short-listing.


Tengai lets you customize your interview parameters, resulting in better, more relevant responses, which makes it easier to compare candidates.

Instant feedback

Maintain an instant dialogue with all of your candidates. Tengai sends automatic, personalized feedback to each applicant after they finish their interview.

Audio recordings

Access candidates' interviews any time and learn how they’ve handled specific situations. Review, evaluate, and score the quality of those answers.


Tengai's recruitment software can easily be integrated with the rest of your tech stack to streamline almost every aspect of the hiring process.


Tengai protects and processes interview data through a secure graph database. We fully comply with GDPR, hiring laws and follow ethical AI practices.

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Never choose between speed and quality again

Our AI software will streamline your screening process so you can act fast and secure the best candidates. Are you ready to spend less time on screening but achieve even better hiring results? Book a meeting!