Spend time where it matters

Log in to the platform and be ready in no time. In the Tengai Recruiting Hub you can easily set up your assignments, add classic screening questions adapted to different roles and customize parameters. By choosing what personality traits you consider significant for the role in mind, you will get more specific interview analytics.

Invite all your candidates to a screening conversation

Make every candidate feel special! The Tengai avatar's screening conversation takes around 20 minutes to complete and candidates have instant access to their results. The interview framework is validated by psychometric experts and proven to objectively measure future work performance. Tengai always nurtures candidates with automatic emails and sends personalized feedback to each applicant to ensure an engaging candidate experience.

How Tengai works for recruiters

Make a data-driven decision

Once the first interview is completed, you gain access to a shortlist where you easily can compare candidates' personality fit. The structured data makes it easy to identify the right candidates to have face-to-face interviews with. Dig deeper into your candidates' potential and how each applicant matches your selected parameters. Listen to candidates' audio answers, in a playlist format, and learn how they’ve handled specific situations.

available in Swedish and English

Attracting and retaining the best people just got a whole lot easier

With Tengai by your side, you can effortlessly screen and shortlist thousands of candidates in a blink of an eye. Designed to amplify and enhance human performance.

Keep all your candidates happy

Tengai makes the process more efficient and personalized, to help you attract and keep high-quality candidates.

Identify top talent

Tengai helps ensure only the most qualified and suitable candidates move forward in the recruitment process, which leads to better recruitment results.

Save 90% of your time

Automate the screening phase and let Tengai provide you with scientific interview analytics so you can spend time where it really matters.

How it works for recruiters

Get to know Tengai in 1 minute

Developed by recruiters, for recruiters

When AI is used in the right way, it can complement us in our everyday work. But it can never substitute humans. Our AI interview exhibits both complex and autonomous behaviors. Meaning that Tengai independently can screen and recommend job-seekers, without any human interference. The AI is focused on collecting information about personality and competencies. So recruiters can spend more time finding information about the candidates' experiences and drive. 

In Tengai Recruiting Hub we’ve implemented a feature to anonymize the candidates' names - taking a further step to mitigate cultural bias. The framework combines several approaches and was developed by a team of diverse HR professionals with over 20 years of experience in unbiased recruitment. So when you get the final shortlist with candidate recommendations, you can feel confident that it has correct scoring.

Avatar for candidate assessment

The Tengai avatar

How the avatar can communicate, and understand the candidates during the interview.


The scoring

The science behind Tengai's candidate assessment and recommendations.

Help desk

How to set up an assignment in Tengai Recruiting Hub
It is easy to set up an assignment in Tengai Recruiting Hub, but if you need help, you can follow the steps here to get started.
How to set up custom evaluation parameters in Tengai Recruiting Hub

When you customize Tengai, the interview results will be weighted in favor of your custom settings for evaluation. You can go back and change the settings in your assignment at any point during your process and the results will be re-calculated.

Here is a step-by-step guide to set up your custom evaluation parameters.

How to add candidates in Tengai Recruiting Hub

Once you have created your first assignment, you can start adding candidates. If you need help adding candidates you can follow these steps

How to evaluate results in Tengai Recruiting Hub

When the first candidate has finished their interviews in the Tengai Talent Hub application, it's time for you to evaluate the results and progress to the next step of the process. You can read more about how to assess results here.

How Tengai works with your ATS

Tengai is seamlessly integrated with a number of different Applicant Tracking Systems. You can watch a short video on how to set up your integration here.

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