Transform your hiring process from risky to risk-free with an efficient AI-powered recruitment process


Comprehensive candidate evaluations

Tengai's AI-powered interview software gives you comprehensive and structured analytics of each candidate's personality, behavior, and potential. 

Save time and resources

With Tengai's AI recruiting software, you can automate administrative tasks, such as scheduling interviews and providing feedback to candidates quickly.

Reduce the risk of bad hires

Tengai's AI recruitment software improves candidate quality and reduces turnover by providing unbiased, structured interviews based on job-relevant competencies.

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Having realistic expectations is key to hiring the best candidate for the job

In a wide talent pool, finding and hiring qualified candidates can be challenging if your job description does not reflect the requirements accurately. Tengai’s AI-powered assessments give you a better idea of what a realistic candidate with the right personality fit might look like. Building a talent pool with the help of Tengai will help you avoid making a mis-hire.

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Hiring managers can automatically screen candidates with AI

Base your expectations on data, not assumptions

In order to fill an open position, it's important for you to receive the right quality and quantity of candidates. If you have unrealistic expectations of candidates, you can end up pursuing unreasonable outcomes. The result may be a lot of time invested in searching for a candidate with a highly unusual skill set, or expecting an unrealistic number of qualified candidates to apply. Tengai's AI-powered interview will give you a realistic idea of what to expect during your recruitment process, which will help you make more informed and successful hiring decisions.

By using Tengai, we have successfully been able to upgrade our recruitment process to be focused on competency.

Havva Ilhan Deputy Head of HR at Upplands-Bro

Manage your time more effectively with AI-powered recruiting software

It can be a challenge to find time to review resumes, interview candidates, and provide feedback when you’re busy tackling other job responsibilities. Tengai helps you manage your time more effectively by automating administrative tasks, such as scheduling interviews and providing detailed, personalized feedback to candidates. With our AI automation, you can save time and resources while gaining insight into what kind of person the applicant is and whether their resume truly reflects who they are.


Attracting and retaining the best people just got a whole lot easier

Use Tengai’s AI recruiting software to improve your recruitment efficiency, effectiveness, and boost inclusivity.

Structured analytics

Tengai delivers in-depth interview data so you quickly can assess large numbers of candidates, identifying those most suitable for the job. 



Tengai lets you customize your interview parameters, resulting in better, more relevant responses, which makes it easier to compare candidates.

Access anywhere

You and your candidates can use Tengai's AI interview software from anywhere, resulting in a larger candidate pool and a faster hiring process.

Audio recordings

Access candidates' interviews any time and learn how they’ve handled specific situations. Review, evaluate, and score the quality of those answers.

Smart integrations

Integrate Tengai into your tech stack, to streamline things like providing candidates with feedback, communicating with stakeholders, and analyzing data.


Tengai protects and processes interview data through a secure graph database. We fully comply with GDPR, hiring laws and follow ethical AI practices.

Why Tengai?

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increase in hiring efficiency

80 %

faster time-to-fill

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decrease in recruitment costs

Recruiting can be expensive and mis-hires will cost you even more

With Tengai, you’ll avoid lengthy hiring processes and realize a tremendous return on your investment. Speak to our team about transforming your hiring process today.